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Wardrobe Wednesday 5/28/14
You theme tonight was your FAVORITE ACCESSORIES! Thanks for all your pics!

@Jackieee22 SOOOO CUTE! Dangly earrings are the BEST! Every girl needs at least one pair!

@EmileeighRaine has been wearing this guitar pick necklace for almost 2 YEARS. Holy cow! That's love.

@757Selina I wish you truly understood how much I love this. SO CUTE! I love owls!!

@wifeofmusic I LOVE THESE! Super fun! Thanks for sharing!

@Wendy_Spain you are seriously the EPITOME of fabulous. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this!

@MSVAUS2012 win haha. All the pics tweeted to me tonight were AWESOME. But when a beauty queen tweets a picture of her favorite accessory WHICH ALSO HAPPENS TO BE A CROWN....a REAL win. Absolutely stunning my dear!
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Pharrell surprises Harlem Gospel Choir
The Harlem Gospel Choir got a nice surprise during their performance on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live. Pharrell himself walked in while the choir was singing a mash-up of "Oh Happy Day" and his hit song "Happy." Sneaky sneaky! Love this guy! Can't wait to see him at Z104's SHAGGFEST!

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Lady Gaga brings out T.I. during her MSG show
Lady Gaga was performing at Madison Square Garden and during her song "Jewels and Drugs," she surprised her fans by bringing out the one and only T.I.

After the performance, Gaga wraps her leg around him as they disappearunder the stage.


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Wardrobe Wednesday 5/14/14
Your theme tonight was your FAVORITE SUMMER SANDALS! 

@AshNicKan.....I love these because they can go with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

@skylerrbankss....I wish you knew how badly I want these.....SUPER CUTE!

@notthetoolman....MANDALS! 'Nuff said! Haha! 

@Jackieee22.....yeahhhh I'm gonna need to borrow these asap!

@TigerLily0615...Michael Kors FLIP FLOPS!? Yes please. LOVE THEM!!

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Zac Effron shirtless video montage
Want to see a video montage of every shirtless moment Zac Effron has had on screen? Do I really have to ask??

HOLY HOTNESS!! Gimme gimme gimme!!



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Miley Cyrus tells fans to "smoke weed and get laid."
This girl......I swear....

You HAVE to hear Miley's BIZARRE speech she gave at one of her shows in London the other week. Does she even hear herself? Good grief...

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Wardrobe Wednesday 5/7/14
Your theme tonight was your FAVORITE PAJAMAS! And as usual, ya'll did NOT disappoint =)

@TigerLily0615 I love how you got on the toilet to take the pic! You're so awesome! GREAT PJ's!

@lbaker428 I GOT SO WEAK when you called them "swants!" Thanks for sharing lady! They look GREAT!

@Wendy_Spain Nothing like a good ol' sweatshirt as your pajamas! I'm with you girl! LOVE YOU!

@peartubs You look AWESOME in those Mickey Mouse pj's! Nothing like seeing a grown man in a ONESIE! Thank you for sharing!

@aham712......ladies and gentlemen, my ex-intern Awkward Austin! He couldn't resist sending me a picture of him in his "pajamas," Which, to me, looks more like his underwear. Thanks for sharing you crazy freak!

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Gwen Stefani and Pharrell perform on The Voice
OK FIRST OF ALL.....Gwen Stefani looks AMAZING! She's had 2 kids right?? And then of course our boy Pharrell just kills it as usual! CAN'T WAIT to see him in June! I think these 2 are going to be a GREAT additionto The Voice!

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