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Crotch cam proves that women are pervs too
This is too funny. Most of us ladies get upset when we catch a guy looking at our chest, when really, we have no right to. Because we're pervs too. I'm guilty and not ashamed haha. Check out this hilarious video!

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Smart dog raids oven for chicken nuggets
Can your dog do this? It's amazing how smart dogs truly are. Part of you wants to be like "bad dog!" Then another part wants to be like "dang you're one cool a** dog!!" TOO FUNNY! Watch!

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Screw Craigslist, THIS is how you find a roommate
Three people in England were recently looking for a new roommate.  But instead of just posting on Craigslist, they showed the place off by making a ridiculous RAP video. Apparently a bunch of people applied, because the YouTube post says they're done accepting applications. Check it out.

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Alex Trebek rapping....yes, rapping
Go ahead and complete your day by watching Alex Trebek rap the entire "IT'S A RAP" category on last night's Jeopardy.
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Miley Cyrus' New Years Rockin Eve performance in NYC
Love or hate Miley Cyrus, she gave a pretty darn good performance at the New Years Rockin Eve. In case you missed it, check it out below!

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