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Lady Gaga duets w/ Christina Aguilera on Season 5 finale of The Voice
Well, we can put the feuding rumors to rest. Check out Lady Gaga teaming up with Christina Aguilera on the Season 5 finale of The Voice, to perform Gaga's hit "Do What You Want." I love these ladies! Christina's hair though.....
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Slow Mo reel of kids tasting certain foods for the 1st time (SO FUNNY!)
This video is SURE to put a smile on your face! It's a slow motion reel of kids trying certain foods for the FIRST time and some of the faces they make are HILARIOUS!! My favorite reaction is the girl eating the olive....I almost fell out of my chairwatching her. And the little girl at the end with the yogurt. ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL!! It's worth watching, I promise. ENJOY!!
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Jimmy Kimmel sign language interpreter
This is probably the funniest thing you'll see all day. Remember the fake sign language guy at the Nelson Mandela funeral? Well Jimmy Kimmel brought an ACTUAL sign language interpreter on to his show to interpret the jibberish that this crazy man was signing. It's HILARIOUS! Makes me feel bad for any deaf people in the crowd that day. I'm sure they were so confused. Check it out!

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Kanye West kicks out heckler from his show (VIDEO)
Kanye West performed in San Antonio back on November 8th and was criticized for throwing a woman out for heckling him about taking off his mask during his performance. Well the video has been released and you can check it out HERE. **WARNING** There is a lot of profanity. I mean, it's Kanye West.
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Stuff The Bus 2013
STUFF THE BUS 2013 was a HUGE success! Thank you to anyone and everyone who was involved. Whether you donated, brought us food, stopped by to say hello or helped out in any way. We are so grateful for you. We stuffed 15 BUSES this year. Last year we only filled 12, so you can only imagine how amazing that makes us feel. Thanks to you, less fortunate kids in Hampton Roads will get the Christmas they so very much deserve. I could not be more proud to work with such an awesome team. If you haven't seen this video from Stuff The Bus, check it out. And grab a box of'll need it.
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Ron Burgandy joins LIVE North Dakota news team
Will Ferrell took over an entire real LIVE newscast in North Dakota as Anchorman Ron Burgandy. And actually DID the news! I've posted 2 videos below. The 1st one is the shortened version and the 2nd is the entire 30 minute newscast! SO COOL =) 
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