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Guy's prank on his GF backfires...MUST WATCH!
Ohhhhhhh MAN this is good!

This guy decides he is going to prank his girlfriend by telling her he cheated on her. (Which, if you ask me, is a HORRIBLE prank!) But wait until you hear what the girlfriend reveals to him AND how the video ends!
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Beans A Make Her Dance!!
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Kanye West spoke at Harvard University?
Kanye West made a pit stop by Harvard University on Sunday before his show. But before he left, he spoke with the Ivy League's Graduate School of Design. He gave a speech about the importance of architecture and design. And it was actually a really great speech. It's always nice to see this side of Kanye, instead of the angry cocky lunatic we're used to. Kim Kardashian was in attendance to support her man. And to top it off, he surprised all the students with tickets to his show that night.....which was approximately 300. WOW! Very cool Kanye, very cool. Check out the video below.
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Lady Gaga has outdone herself.....a flying dress? Really?
Just when you think Lady Gaga has ran out of ideas, she goes and unveils a flying dress. I wish I was kidding. You have to see it for yourself. Click HERE and gaze upon it and all it's glory.
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Lil Wayne dressed up as Fred Flintstone
Lil Wayne's son just had a birthday party and Weezy, being the cool dad that he is, dressed up as Fred Flintstone. What a guy! Check out the story and pictures HERE.
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Justin Bieber gets hit with a bottle on stage...leaves
It's not a normal bottle either. It almost looks like a laundry bottle haha. Either way, it was enough to piss him off, because he DIPPED OUT! Watch!
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