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Top 10 Goat Screaming Songs Compilation
Have you heard the screaming goat? Even if you haven't, this is too funny not to watch.

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Ms. New Booty/Under The Sea MASH UP
I'm easily amused. 
What do you get when you mash up Bubba Sparxxx ft Ying Yang Twins "Ms. New Booty" and "Under The Sea" from the Little Mermaid? A song that is nothing short of amazing. Click HERE to listen!

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We did the Harlem Shake, and it was glorious.
Whether or not you are tired of seeing the Harlem Shake videos, the bottom line is that they are HILARIOUS. And if you don't think so then you probably don't have a sense of humor. Yes, they are everywhere. But that's what happens when something goes VIRAL. So watch and enjoy this epic radio foolery. We are SO UNORTHODOX!! 

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Stratford University brought me food!
I just want to say THANK YOU to the Culinary students over at Stratford University! They cooked me dinner and brought it all the way to the radio station. WANG, TERIYAKI SHRIMP, COLE SLAW and a CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE! Which was all DELICIOUS! I will be attending their Open House on Tuesday Feb. 19th and I cannot wait! If you are looking to continue or even further your education, Stratford University is the place to do it. The campus is GORGEOUS and the faculty is AMAZING. They are willing to work with you every step of the way. Thanks to VIVIAN for actually delivering the food and making all of it possible. She ROCKS! For more info on Stratford University, click the link below!
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Another strange addiction....
All I can think to say is................W...........T............F?!?!


I love how casual this couple is about the whole thing lol.

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The little girl will kick your a**
Check out video of this little girl and her INSANE boxing skills. She is going to be an AMAZING boxer one day. LOVE this video. You go girl.

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Baby Olivia vs the lemon
This my friend's baby girl, Olivia, eating a lemon. We were at Applebees having lunch for my boyfriend's birthday. She is just so dang cute and the faces she made were so funny. ENJOY! 

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Baby asleep until......
This little girl is asleep until her favorite song comes on. TOO FUNNY! This will make you smile. Enjoy!

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