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Baby laughs hysterically at dog eating popcorn
Here is your feel good moment of the day. I dare you NOT to smile.....
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"YOLO" digitial short w/ Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine
Lonely Island is hilarious. I love just about everything they do, so when I heard that they made a digital short called "YOLO" with Kendrick Lamar and Adam Levine, I just knew I would dig it. So check it out....and if you get a chance to check out their other videos, DO IT. Especially "Shy Ronnie" and "Jack Sparrow." OH and the one with Nicki Minaj. <~~~WEAK.

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Did Beyonce lip sync? Oh no, it's the end of the world!!
As you all may or may not know, Beyonce did NOT sing the National Anthem live at the Inauguration. She lip synced. The very next day, it was all over the news. People were making such a big deal out of this and here's my opinion............WHO CARES!?!?! SERIOUSLY!! We all know the girl can sing and can sing very well. We have all heard her sing LIVE and she is one of the BEST live singers in the industry. Beyonce has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. It's the artists who actually HAVE something to prove that should be singing live and not using pre-recorded tracks. And then I hate how they were saying "Well Kelly Clarkson sang live!" OK, that's great! Kelly is a great singer as well and good on her for singing live. Stop trying to stir up controversy between the two singers. WHO THE HECK CARRRRES if Beyonce pre-recorded the song ahead of time?! The girl can sing. The end. I'm sure there are much more important new stories that should be making headlines right now. So let's move on, shall we? 
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Why didn't someone call me?!?!
This makes me wish we would get a good heavy snow. I would have LOVED to be a part of this!! Except I hate when I get hit in the face.....and with all these people, a face shot is almost guaranteed. Check out how fun this looks. It's the World Largest Snowball Fight!! YESSS!!!

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Your "awww" moment of the day
What happens when you see a dog skyping with another dog? A CUTE OVERLOAD.......that's what. I dare you not to smile. ENJOY!

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Can you feel the love?
The best thing about being you can bust out into song in the middle of a restaurant and nobody will bat an eyelash. Watch as these guys break into their version of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight." I love it!

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Guy watching police pursuit on tv gets a SURPRISE.
A guy is watching a police pursuit on tv when ALL OF A SUDDEN........

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Did Justin Bieber slap a fan!?!?
This video has gone viral. Watch it and tell me what you think. I had to watch it a few times because I thought maybe he was just giving the girl an epic high five.....but I think he WAS slapping her away. I think she was trying to steal his glove and he wasn't having any of that. What's funny is I heard this girl is bragging about it all over Twitter. "Justin Bieber slapped me!! Teeheeeeheee!!" And you KNOW other girls are legitimately it. K bye.

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Happy New Year!
First I'd like to say that I have already broken my New Years resolutions. I had 2. To stop biting my nails and to stop drinking energy drinks. I'm a failure haha. Second, if you missed out on the Black and White Ball at Peabodys for NYE, I feel bad for you. WHAT A PARTY! The place was PACKED and everyone was having a GREAT time. I don't think it could have gone any better. It was probably one of the most, if not THE most awesome NYE party I've ever been to. Here are just a few pictures from that night. And I couldn't resist throwing in one or two of me and my hunny bunny in there. NO, his tie is NOT glowing. It was a white tie and there were black lights everywhere. But dang it if we didn't have fun. Hope 2013 brings you and yours nothing but the best! CHEERS!

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