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Do YOU kiss under the mistletoe?? GREAT video!
This guy and girl made people think they were taking a survey and answering some questions about Christmas time and.....well......just watch. TOO CUTE! Watch the one girl SMACK THE CRAP out of the guy! LOVE IT! (Part of me wants to say "Ewwww germs, and what if some of these people are sick or have mono or something lol!?") Still cute though.

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I want a baby bear.....asap.
Here is your "cute overload" for the day. Try not to say "awwwww." Seriously. I dare you.

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Taking the stairs can be's proof.
Let's be honest. If you're given the choice of taking the stairs or the escalator, the sad reality is that well over half of us would take the escalator. Out of sheer laziness. Well, these guys in Stockholm had an AWESOME idea on how to make people want to take the stairs more. Would YOU take the stairs more if it were THIS fun? HECK YEAH! I sure would! (Remind anyone of the movie "Big?") 

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It's the little things in life
Watch as this little boy stops what he's doing to play in a puddle. It truly is the little things in life that make me smile. This is just TOO CUTE. I love he puts down the leash, plays in the puddle while the dog just waits, and then picks the leash back up and resumes his walk right where he left off. PRECIOUS.

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If my friends did this to me....we'd have a serious problem. I don't know WHY they thought this would be funny. This kid cheated death whether he admits it or not. WATCH! And yes, he needs new friends. ASAP.

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Little kid dances with Bucs cheerleaders...EPIC
Probably the greatest video ever. This little kids GETS DOWN WITH HIS BAD SELF!! If you watch this video with your boyfriend, he'll probably only watch the Bucs cheerleaders in the back, but that's his loss. Because the little kid is the REAL STAR!

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Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Mariah Carey sing "All I Want for Christmas"
Ok this is actually really cute....Happy Holidays!

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Does your man have "man boobs?"
....if so, I'm sorry. But at least this will help you determine exactly which kind has.

You're welcome.

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25,000 Teddy Bears get thrown on the ice
Every year, a minor league hockey team in Calgary holds something called a "Teddy Bear Toss," where fans are supposed to bring a teddy bear to the game and throw it on the ice after the home team scores its first goal. It took almost 45 minutes for the bears to be cleared off the ice and packed up. And If you're wondering what they DO with all of them, it's actually for a good cause.  All the bears are donated to local hospitals and charities. Check out the video below, it looks like fun!

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Justin Bieber causes cell phone mania
During one of Justin's shows at Madison Square Garden, a fan threw her phone on stage. So Justin proceeds to take pictures of himself on stage with the girl's phone and gives it back to her.....but what a bad idea that was...because that caused CELL PHONE MANIA. A bunch of jealous girls began throwning THEIR phones on stage. Justin realizes it's a bad idea half way through lol.........WELL and enjoy!

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