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Ryan Lochte's 18 fashion rules
I am in love with Ryan Lochte. He may not be YOUR type, but oh dear....he is definitely mine. It's no secret that he has the most outgoing fashion sense of anyone else in the Olympics. From his crazy shoes to his red, white and blue grills....yes....grills.....He is SO dang cute. I would climb him like a tree. Click HERE to read Sexy Magee's 18 fashion rules when it comes to the Olympics.
Ryan Lochte
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The U.S. Olympic Swim Team sings Carly Rae Jepsen
Yeah I'm sick of the song too, but seeing the U.S. Olympic Swim Team sing it makes it tolerable lol. GO USA!!

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What's worse than the Shake Weight? This.
If you thought watching a Shake Weight commercial was funny, this will really make you feel awkward. The Koreans have outdone themselves on this one. Yes the commercial is in Korean but you don't really need to know what they're saying. All I cansay is "WOW." Just watch......would you buy one?

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The Mini Golf Championships
What happens when an improv group gets together and takes over a mini golf course? Internet GOLD, that's what. Watch as these unsuspecting families get surprised with personal caddies, a scoreboard, a crowd and commentators. TOO FUNNY! 

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Bieber's "Boyfriend vs. N'Sync's "Girlfriend"
FINALLY! Someone made a mashup!!  And I love the Biebs, but I have agreed with this all along. They sound SO similar, but I'm not knockin JB at all. Just glad someone finally made one. Listen and see what you think!

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Nicki Minaj performing on the Tonight Show
We all know that when it comes to Nicki Minaj, her live performances can be a little "out there." Thankfully, this performance from her latest visit to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno was GREAT. She performed her song "Pound The Alarm" from her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. She wears a peacock inspired outfit and let's just say, she really shows off her curves in it. Check out the performance below!

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I don't know when this took place, where it took place or who they even are. But this video is quite amazing. Not a single person out of step. It's perfect timing. ENJOY!

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Tom vs. CVS customers in a staring contest for FREE CANDY
Customers in a CVS Pharmacy were asked if they would like to be in a staring contest for FREE CANDY. When they sat down and the curtain opened, they got a surprise. It was New England Patriots QB, Tom Brady! The reactions of the people are priceless! Do YOU think you could win a staring contest against Tom Brady? (On a side note, the candy described in the video is called UNREAL Candy. It's candy without ANY of the bad stuff in it. And would you believe it was the idea of a 13 year old boy? To read more about UNREAL Candy click HERE.)

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I did NOT expect THAT!
First things first, I PROMISE it's not one of those videos where you watch it and then some zombie jumps out on the screen and scares the crap out of you. I HATE THOSE!! The title speaks for itself. Just another fishing exscursion with the family when all of a sudden.......HOLY WOW!!
There IS some language in the video, but can you blame them?! I'd probably react the same way.

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Baby girl rockin out to Goyte! Must see!
I have seen my share of videos where some little kid is jammin out to a song, but this one is THE far. First of all, she's adorable! And second, watch at about the 1 minute mark. Her left arm goes up and doesn't come down the rest of the song. This is TOO FUNNY! I need a child in my life asap..........ok well not asap. But I'm's cute. ENJOY!
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