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Posts from May 2012

Did Madonna take a shot at Lady Gaga!?
OH NO SHE DID'NT.....lol. But really. If you haven't hear the story, here it is in a nutshell. Madonna was performing one of her MANY hit songs, "Express Yourself" while performing in Israel. Halfway through the song, she switches over to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Some people think she is trying to say that the songs are exactly the same and take a dig a Gaga. Now, I'm never one for this kinda beef, but what can I say, Madonna is right. The songs are exactly the same. Of course, that's just MY opinion. Take a listen here and see what you think. The song transition is right at about the 1:08 mark so you don't have to wait long.

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Happy Memorial Day, and Thank You!
It's hard to really put into words how much gratitude I have, as well as many other Americans have, for the military. I think sometimes people take them for granted. You don't really quite let it sink in that these people are risking their lives every single day, to save ours. Freedom is NOT free, it comes with a price. A heavy price. Not everyone's family gets to see their loved ones come home. Every time you think about how stressful YOUR job is and what you go through, just think of these brave men and women. They deal with those stresses times 10. So on this Memorial Day, if you see anyone that was or still is serving in the U.S. Military, shake their hand, smile at them, say thank you, even a nod of the head to say "I'm grateful" is all they need. Thank you for all your sacrifices and hard work. Your dedication is truly amazing. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. Now watch this video and cry......

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DO NOT do these things on Facebook, ever.
At this point, just about everyone has a Facebook. But do people REALLY know Facebook ettiquitte? Here are 11 things that you should NEVER do on Facebook, unless you want to get unfriended real quick! LOL! I tried to pick my favorite one, but seriously, they are ALL on point! If you find that you do one or more of these annoying things...STOP. PLEASE =) Click the link below to see if you're guilty of having bad Facebook ettiquitte lol....


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