Someone is turning 35!!

Or should I say 25? For some reason the number 35 upsets/scares my husband. He seems to get super flustered over the fact that from 5 years from now he will be turning 40. Not really sure why it bothers him so much...but it does. Don't worry babe, you will be a really hot old man- hee hee! I am such a mean wife! But at the same time- not really. At my birthday he kept saying he was going to have to trade me in for a younger model because I was getting close to 30. Not. Cool. Haha! Anyway, his Birthday is in THREE days! Happy early Birthday to my handsome, sweet, giving, loving, fantastic hubby!!!! I HAD a big surprised planned for him but I am pretty sure that Mr. Detective figured it alllll out on his own. I swear I can NEVER surprise that man! It will be a nice little getaway before baby Fluff/Lil Dude gets here. Speaking of Lil Dude- Joe and I were watching The Fighter last night when I felt him moving around! I grabbed Joe's hand & put it on my belly...if you could have seen Joe's face! He was so excited! He kept yelling, "THERE HE IS AGAIN! I JUST FELT HIM!" It was an awesome moment. I need to post a picture on Bump Day because according to one of my friends I have finally "popped." Apparently I finally look pregnant vs. looking like I had too many oreos to eat over the weekend! Yay! Have a great week!

04/11/2011 2:26PM
Someone is turning 35!!
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