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Church Tonight

Hello people you know me im the guy who always knows what is going on in the hampton roads area...well i dont talk about my church on the radio alot for numerous reasons..but im allowed to talk about whatever i want on my blog...so here ya go --wave church tonight 1000 n great neck rd in va beach --starts @ 8pm but get there @ 730 becuz its packed --wear whatever you want---seriously i wear my hats all the time --trust me its the best time of your life.... leave me a comment if you wanna come and ill save you a seat...its that legit

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08/12/2009 6:31AM
Church Tonight
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08/12/2009 7:45PM
okay so i have been looking for a church for awhile thats not so uptight if u could give me the info and stuff i could look it up but ya iv been looking for awhile and seeing as i have been recently diagnosed with MS then i guess Gods trying to tell me somethng ha. my email is attached i think i have never commented on these things before but thanks! -Candice
08/14/2009 10:05PM
Hey Shaggy I wanted to say how happy I am that the church got to put the sign up...If you don't remember me I was the one that went up to you at church with my boyfriend and two kids. I want to take the opportunity again and say thank you for blogging about the wave church. You are the reason why I went. I know how its important to you to be comfortable with who you are. -Thank you again and God bless your family. see you around church..
09/19/2009 5:35PM
ok soo ive been to the wave church once and i really like it there and my parents dont likedriving that far because i live in hampton and its a drive lol do you have any suggestions on how to atleast try to get t hem to bring me back and forth because they dont really go to church and stuff is really bad in my life right now... a bunch of personal stuff but i dont know please try to help me!! ashley~
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