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Mike Klein


Britney can't sing!

10/21/2013 5:16PM
Britney can't sing!
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10/21/2013 5:48PM
Hell naw
She sound like a dying cat.
10/21/2013 5:48PM
This is fake!!! If singers couldn't sing they wouldn't be singers dumb asses. Ugghhhh!!!
10/21/2013 6:15PM
10/21/2013 6:46PM
wow...and just wow...
First of all...Wow. I knew she couldn't sing,but I didn't realize that it was this bad!! Second, if singers couldn't sing, then they wouldn't be singers?? If only we were so lucky!!! Unfortunately, sometimes popularity and gimmicks beat out actual talent and we are left with the Britneys, J.Los, and Mileys. Plenty of people have jobs they suck at!!!
10/21/2013 6:47PM
I believe it
I most def believe this and I like brittany but I could see this all day!!
10/21/2013 7:34PM
Obviously this is the person recording singing..not Britney
10/21/2013 8:07PM
you know I really believe that she is not that great of a singer.. I think that she has always been popular because of her sex appeal... someone gave the pretty little blonde a mic and told her to run with it... I mean for God's sake the first video I remember is her dancing half naked in a school girl outfit when she was like 16... sex makes her popular NOT HER VOICE! ...................... BUT I DO THINK THIS IS FAKE.... but I do not give her credit in the singing department, just bc you can shake it doesn't mean we wanna hear it
10/21/2013 9:02PM
Old news
Aw man, this is old...
10/22/2013 10:55AM
LOL Hate to burst your bubble...
I love all of the people calling this fake. You are all delusional. This is clearly Britney. Granted they probably compiled all of the worst clips they could find, and I'm sure she doesn't ALWAYS sound THIS horrible, but... it's clearlyBritney. Sorry to burst your bubble Britney Nation, but if you don't think it's legit then you are in some serious denial. Britney is a performer, not a frickin' singer.
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