Date Night

Well tonight is nikki and I date night....our good friends natalia and joe are gonna watch brodster for a little...we are gonna hit aldos (nikkis favorite place) and go see law abidin citizen. should be alot of fun, these are the things u gotta do. i will bet my wife cries becuz of brody withink 20 mins.. peace and love shag

10/19/2009 7:57AM
Date Night
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10/19/2009 4:10PM
Was that a written blog or a forgotten tweet?
10/20/2009 11:43AM
Angie White
Its ok if Nikki Cries I did the first few times I left my kids after they were born!But you guys still need to make time for yourselfs too I'm so happy for you guys enjoy every min. of it!!!! They grow up so fast!
10/21/2009 9:58AM
hey shaggy nice to see you and your wife again at Aldos .
10/22/2009 1:30PM
Hello Shaggy! My name is Jenn I am the manager at Hilltop Skinny Dip. I am the one who sent the texted in earlier today and told you to check your email! Since I have heard from my staff that you are a fan of The Skinny Dip I figured I would ask you first! We are hold a fundraiser here on Tuesday October 27th in Celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 20% of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. I need as much help as possible to get the news out there so we can do our part in saving the tata's. Not only do I invite everyone in the statioin to PLEASE come in but I was wondering if there was anyway you guys could make an anouncement on that morning? :) I would love any help we can get...Hope to see you Tuesday! Thanks!
10/24/2009 11:11AM
I meant to ask on the friday show, did she cry? Was it 20 minutes or less?
10/27/2009 6:04PM
Rachel Thruston
Hey shaggy ! (: I couldnt find your email, so Im just going to tell you on here. Ms. Thompson was my teacher last year at Hines Middle School, and she texted me today saying on November 14th, we are having a REALY BIG FESTIVAL at our school. ( hines ) there will be alot of food, and jumpy jumps, and games! We would REEAALLLY LOVEEE for you and the Z104 crew to come! PLEASE! (: (its off jefferson if you dont know where it is)
11/12/2009 6:34PM
hey shaggy, ur gunna love da movie law abiding citizen. it was so amazingly good. i wuld pay 2 go c it again. well hope u and nikki have fun
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