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We celebrated Kevins 1st Birthday yesterday at the PETA Park in Norfolk! I loved it there! We had 5 of his brothers and sisters join the party as well as his Mama :) It's so nice that our closest friends ALL adopted a puppy from his liter :)  Yes there were doggy cupcakes, doggie bags, and party hats ;)

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The Nine Unwritten Rules of Facebook
Anyone who's been on Facebook for more than a few minutes knows there are a lot of unwritten rules.  MOST of you are pretty good about not breaking them.  But here's a little reminder for the rest of you.


1.  Only post the things your friends actually want to see, like mind-blowing facts and major life updates.


2.  Posts about religion, politics, or your workouts will get you BLOCKED.


3.  Never like your own posts.


4.  Everybody stalks . . . but don't get caught.  Liking photos that are already several years old is the easiest way to get caught.


5.  Don't have a conversation in the comments section.  That's what texting is for.


6.  Keep virtual PDA to a minimum.  Treat it like real-life PDA.


7.  Don't post every selfie you take.


8.  Don't make people guess what's bothering you.


9.  Don't invite friends to play all your online games.


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An American Student in Germany Got Stuck in a 13-Foot Statue of a Vagin

At the Tubingen University Institute of Microbiology in Germany, there's a 13-foot statue of LADY PARTS.  Yes, someone made a huge stone statue of a vulva on campus.  That's Europe, man.

And the reason we know about it is because an American exchange student got WEDGED inside it.

He's over there studying microbiology, and his friends dared him to climb inside the statue.  But when he did, he got trapped in the opening from the thighs down.

It took 22 firefighters in five emergency vehicles to get him out.  They managed to pull him out without damaging the statue.

According to the university, an artist from Peru named Fernando de la Jara created the statue 13 years ago.  It's called "Pi-Chacan," which means "making love" in Fernando's Peruvian Indian language.  The statue cost $173,000!!


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What's the Weirdest Thing Your Boss Asked You to Do That Wasn't in Your Job Desc
Has your boss ever asked you to do something WEIRD that wasn't in your job description?  A new survey from Career Builder asked people that question . . . here are the seven best answers.


1.  He asked me to fire someone . . . and then drive them home.


2.  He asked me to teach another employee how to pass a drug test.


3.  He wanted me to help decide who he should and shouldn't reject on Tinder.  (Which is the dating app where you swipe right for yes, and left for no.)


4.  He asked me to talk to his daughter-in-law after her cat died.


5.  She asked me to find out how to get a copy of her ex-husband's death certificate.


6.  He asked me to climb onto the roof to see if there were any dead birds up there.


7.  He instructed all employees to start "Liking" his Facebook videos.



The survey also found that 24% of us would give our boss an "A" if we were grading them . . . 39% said a "B" . . . 23% said "C" . . . 9% said "D" . . . and only 5% would give their boss an "F".

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Dog lost for 2 YEARS reunited with family

A Family Lost Their Dog Camping, Went Back Two Years Later to Put Its Blanket on the Ground . . . and Found It Sleeping There the Next Morning! Get all the beautiful details of this story HERE 

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The castmembers from the British reality show The Only Way Is Essex (think Real Housewives-esque stuff) were recently seen on vacation in the Spanish coastal town of Marbella. And they were frolicking around in the sun wearing what we honestly believe is the most insane and most revealing piece of beach garment known to humans. These photos are probably NSFW, so mind your surroundings before scrolling down. (SOURCE: E online)


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Dog see's owners for the FIRST time after getting eye surgery!
Watch This Formerly Blind Dog React to Seeing His Owners for the First Time After Getting Eye Surgery

This is the most excited dog in the world. As he should be: This is Duffy, an Irish Terrier rescue dog. "He's had a lot of struggles with his health," owner Benjamin May says. "He developed diabetes and lost his eyesight." 

But: "With medication we got his diabetes stable and he qualified for eye surgery to give him back his sight," Benjamin continues. "Here he is seeing my parents afterwards."

You know those videos where babies get cochlear implants and hear their mom's voice for the first time? This is kind of like that, but with a dog (and we love all videos that include a dog).

Watch Duffy's entire amazing reaction below:

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Dog Brings Alzheimer’s Patient Out Of His Shell
Dogs are amazing! There is a reason they are used as therapy dogs across the country. Watch as this dog communicates with an Alzheimer’s patient in the only language they speak – love. See for yourself below!!! 
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Emoji recently announced that 250 new emoji icons will be added to the Emojipedia in July! Check out whats coming HERE 
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Zendaya to Play Aaliyah in New Lifetime Original Movie
Zendaya to Play Aaliyah in New Lifetime Original Movie!! Get the details HERE
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Prostitute pics up clients WHERE!?
Of all the places in a town where a HOOKER could find customers, this seems like the worst option. Check it out HERE 


20-year-old Brittany Macintyre of Nashua, New Hampshire was busted on Tuesday trying to pick up clients . . . at a public LIBRARY. Brittany was at the library in Tewksbury, Massachusetts passing notes to guys, offering them sexual services for the reasonable price of $60. Someone reported her to the cops . . . an undercover cop came in . . . she passed him the note offering sex for cash . . . and he arrested her. She's been charged with sexual conduct for a fee. 


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Have you caught a peek at Snooki & JWOWWS cartoon "WOMBMATES" ? What do you think? Check out their babies taking selfies in their bellys.. kinda weird... click here to see the pics and get more details 
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Check Out a Woman Who Looks Just Like Elsa from "Frozen"
There's an 18-year-old woman from Florida named ANNA FAITH who looks a LOT like Elsa from "Frozen".  She's a model and she also gets gigs as an Elsa impersonator.  She even has a friend who dresses like Anna.

And she went to her prom in an Elsa dress. Check out her INSTAGRAM HERE & more photos HERE 
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Here's What Bartenders Think of You Based on Your Drink
There was a thing online recently where bartenders talked about how they profile people based on what they order.  So here's what your drink says about you, straight from the mouths of the professionals.

1.  If you order a drink that's mentioned in a rap song, you're not a real drinker.  After Drake mentioned moscato in "Do It Now", a bunch of guys started ordering it in bars.  And they had no idea it was a sweet white wine.



2.  Not surprisingly, girls who order a Long Island iced tea are looking to get WASTED.



3.  If you drink Bud Light, there's a jail cell in your future.  The stereotype is that all crimes start with Bud Light.  Not Coors, or Miller Lite, or tequila, or whisky or malt liquor.  It's always Bud Light.



4.  People who order mojitos are full of themselves.  This one's probably unfair, but apparently bartenders think that way because it's such a pain in the neck to make a mojito.  So if you get one, it's like you want other people to go out of their way for you.



5.  A guy who orders a drink with a sexual name like Slippery Nipple or Sex on the Beach is a D-bag.  The dead giveaway is how he always tries to make eye contact with the nearest woman when he orders.



6.  If you look young and you order Jack Daniels instead of scotch, you're getting carded.  Most people discover scotch after they've lived through their partying days, once they've learned how to appreciate good liquor for its own sake.



7.  Anyone who orders a great Scotch and drinks it neat is a badass.



8.  If you get a Kamikaze, that means you don't know what to order.



9.  If you order a shot of Fernet, you're from San Francisco.  That's one of those bitter Italian liqueurs that tastes sort of like licorice.  For some reason it's just popular there.



10.  People who drink appletinis don't like the taste of alcohol.



11.  If you order Johnny Walker Blue, you have more money than brains, and you're just trying to show off.



12.  If you ask for a White Russian, it means you're naïve.  Milk never gets poured at most bars, so the milk in their refrigerators is probably spoiled.  Either that, or you're a fan of "The Big Lebowski".



13.  If you drink PBR, you don't tip.  Probably because you're a hipster.



14.  If you try to ask for a Gin Rickey, it means you just read "The Great Gatsby" for the first time.


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Kyle & I photoshoot with MDP
I HAD TO SHARE THESE TWO PREVIEWS! Had a little photoshoot with a good friend and very talented photographer, MALLORIE DANIELLE PHOTOGRAPHY & she has sent me these two previews, HOW PRECIOUS!? I love how kevin was a part of it and I can't wait to see the rest!


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Men's Faces Have Evolved to Take a Punch
We assume you're a COWARD and haven't taken a real punch to the face since when you were a little kid . . . if ever.  Well, if that day ever comes . . . just know that evolution has your back. Check it out HERE 
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Does Miss Indiana Really Have a "Normal" Body?

There's been a lot of talk since the Miss USA Pageant on Sunday about Miss Indiana MEKAYLA DIEHL and her "normal" physique.  It's true she's not stick thin like the other contestants, but does she really have a "girl next door" figure?



The Internet seems to think so, and they've been PRAISING her for her lack of perfection ever since.  And she's enjoying the attention.



She says, quote, "I worked hard on my body without obsessing over being too skinny and I couldn't be more proud."



(Check out some pictures of Mekayla HERE. Yeah, she's got a little something around her middle, but she's still pretty smokin', and I'd say that body is FAR from "average" or "normal" by today's standards.)

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Feel good video of the day!!

A video of a guy giving his dad a '57 Chevy for his 57th birthday is getting millions of hits.  The story is the dad grew up poor, and always wanted a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.


So when his son was eight years old, he promised to buy him one for his 57th birthday . . . and actually KEPT that promise.  In the video, the dad sees it, and IMMEDIATELY starts crying.

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Tony Romos "love-sac" ??
Tony Romos LOVE-SAC sold for $100 at garage sale!? Get the full story HERE 
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DJCANROCK A friend of Shaggy, wrote a story for AltDaily and you have to check out his article! Just click HERE and it will direct you to the website! 
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A judge in Florida got into an argument with an attorney in his courtroom on Monday . . . and it got so heated he suggested they TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Watch the video below to see the fight! 
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Great Dane puppy at 3:30am Talking
OMG! This cute great date puppy DOES NOT want to wake up! 

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Bride attaches newborn baby to train of her wedding dress
Mom that attaches baby to wedding dress addresses critics! Get the full story HERE and watch the video below! 

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A Woman with Leukemia Found Her Long Lost Dad on Facebook, and Now His Bone Marrow Could Save Her Life!? Check out the full story HERE 
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