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If anyone's ever texted you by mistake, it's usually not a big deal. You just text back, "WHAT?" Then they text, "Sorry, that was for someone else." But THIS wasn't that simple.

A drunk guy takes a shortcut so his wife wont be mad he's late... and falls into a tank of WHAT?! Full story HERE

How to avoid going home with a douchebag. Click HERE for the tips!

The eight WEIRDEST sick day excuses people have used this year. Click HERE for the full story
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Judge nixes Teresa Giudices halfway house bid! Get the full story HERE

Honey Boo Boos mom, June is seeing someone new.. and he's a criminal?! Get the full story HERE

Got talent? Americas Got Talent wants you to bring it to Richmond! Get more details HERE

Two years ago, a 47-year-old guy in Wales named Alan Knight was accused of stealing $67,000 from a neighbor with Alzheimer's.

A guy avoids going to court for two years by pretending to be paralyzed!? Get the full story HERE

What's the most pathetic thing you've done after a break-up? Whatever it is . . . THIS is SO much worse.

Cops in Pennsylvania are still searching for Eric Frein, the guy accused of killing a cop last month. But there's a guy that KIND OF looks like him, who walks to work in the area they've been searching. And they've tried to arrest HIM at least 20 TIMES so far. really?! full story HERE
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6.1 million US cars are being recalled due to defective airbags! See if your car is one of them, HERE is the list!

A Guy Tells Obama Not to Touch His Fiancée, and Obama Says, "I Really Wasn't Planning on It"

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A breakfast place at a mall in Australia can't serve BACON anymore, because the smell kept wafting into a bridal shop next door . . . and made all the wedding dresses smell like bacon. Get the FULL story HERE

Next month, Tinder is going to start charging for premium memberships. So in other words, you'll have to PAY to get the best matches. Get the FULL story HERE

If someone breaks up with you, there ARE ways to win them back. This ISN'T one of them.

Ashley Zehnder is a 24-year-old biology teacher in Pasadena, Texas, near Houston. And she also coaches cheerleading. Or at least she DID. She might have trouble finding another job after THIS.
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Shaggy Interviews Ty Dolla $sign before his show at the Norva

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French folks are FREAKING OUT over an "ART PIECE" that was installed in Paris...it's supposed to be a "christmas tree" but apparently it looks EXACTLY like a SEX TOY haha See the pictures HERE

On Thursday, a woman in Columbus, Ohio who hasn't been identified called 911, and told them her sister had a high fever. Which COULD be an emergency. But if someone has a fever, you can usually just DRIVE them to the hospital. But what she said to get the police to come faster... was INSANE! Get the full story HERE

Yahoo released a list of the most searched for Halloween costumes right now. And apparently EVERYONE is planning to go as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. HERE are the top ten costumes people have been searching for.

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GOOD NEWS: A single mom, who is also a veteran, is getting her house renovated FOR FREE! Pics and details on the story are HERE

Two women got arrested after they paniced and pulled out a gun on school property.. to shoot a snake?! Full story HERE

Has one of your neighbors ever gotten a package someone sent you? Usually it's not a problem, and they just bring it to your door... but NOT in this case! Find out what arrived on one neighbors doorstep HERE

Here's something to freak you out: A third of your neighbors are SPYING ON YOU.Check out these stats HERE
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Z104's "Shake It Off"

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Last month, three guys BASE jumped at night from the observation deck of a 1,400-foot building in Malaysia . . . and landed in another building's rooftop POOL, where a huge group of friends were cheering them on. And now there's pretty cool helmet cam footage of it, below:

I'm not sure the world is ready for Ebola jokes right now . . . considering that yelling, "I have Ebola" in a public place will get you quarantined and possibly arrested. But Halloween's never been about restraint.. check out the new EBOLA CONTAINMENT HALLOWEEN COSTUME HERE
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When I book a hotel, the only perks I'm hoping for are complementary wireless Internet and a free Danish in the morning . . . and I'm usually too poor to even book a place that can meet THOSE meager demands. On the other end of things . . . HERE is a new list of five of the most ridiculous hotel perks that rich people can get at high-end hotels . . .

Is This the Scariest Halloween Decoration Ever? Check it out below:

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