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Mime Through Time
The ladies from SketchShe have returned. A couple of weeks ago, the Australian comedy troupe blew up the internet with their in-the-car version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" - okay, so maybe there was some inspiration from Wayne's...
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One Way or Another, You Will React
Tom Brady could well be the most loved and the most hated man playing professional football these days. So when he posted a picture of himself in a full body cast yesterday, you reacted. You either said "Good!" - or you fainted. Relax. It was...
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David Lee Uh Oh!
April 1st is the worst day for news to break, because no one's going to believe it. Like this one, reported by Jimmy Kimmel, explaining something that happened to Van Halen's front man, David Lee Roth, on stage with Jimmy Kimmel Live! the...
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Typhoon Maysak from Way Above
Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is living aboard the International Space Station about 250 miles above Earth. Yesterday, as the station passed over the Pacific Ocean, Sam caught some amazing shots of Typhoon Maysak, which threatens the...
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This is Not an April Fools Joke
California's governor Jerry Brown ordered mandatory water restrictions yesterday for the first time in the state's history. He issued an executive order, cutting water consumption by 25% across the board for water supply agencies that provide...
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Ed Sheeran, Wedding Singer
Did you catch this one? A radio station in Sydney, Australia had already arranged an $80,000 dream wedding for a local couple after the unemployed groom wrote to talk about their need to postpone their wedding due to personal and financial...
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This Land is Your Land, This Land is Lego
Jeff Fieren's a photographer from Nova Scotia who's been known to dabble in dioramas using only Lego building blocks and other lego items. Seems like maybe he's got some spare time on his hands - maybe a lot of it. Check out his...
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Kourtney K, Trail Blazer
The Kardashians are frequently known for taking what others do and trying to top it. This newest one has me scratching my head though. You've heard of breastfeeding selfies, right? Giselle Bunchchen started the trend, posting pictures of...
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That's Some Expensive Texting
The general manager of the NFL's Cleveland Browns has been suspended for four games without pay and fined $250,000. Why? For texting to on-field personnel during games. That's a serious wrist slap right there. A lot tougher than the...
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Stephen King on Indiana
Despite being a guy who chooses to write books that are over 1000 pages long, Stephen King can be short, sweet and to the point at times. Take for instance his reaction to Indiana's controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act. He's...
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