This little guy...

Has THE best reaction to a scary story being read to him. Check it out!!!

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Signs that babies/kids are not your forte...

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Proud Mama Moment

Joseph had his FIRST Christmas play at KPC Day School! Although he didn't sing along...and just stood on the stage...I was impressed that he didn't cry or run off the stage! There were almost 300 kids/families/friends there! That's a lot of people! I think I would've had stage fright! Anyway, so proud of this little dude!
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My Husband's LEAST favorite fashion trend on me...

THE FUZZY VEST! I think it's cute, comfortable & warm! He gives it two thumbs down. Unfortunately for him...I don't think I am ready to give this vest up to the donation pile just quite YET! You weigh in! Is it a YAYor a NAY???
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I miss the weekend!

On Sunday I went into full Ukrainian Mama Mode! Aka I cooked & baked my little heart out ALL day long. It was amazing & theraputic! My boys helped me bake some cupcakes (of course the icing was the favorite part of the whole ordeal!) I have to admit that Roman seemed to be more into  cooking than Joseph! He was a big helper with putting things into the crockpot. How sweet is my little man!?

Oh! On Monday my BIG Dude surprised me with these beautiful flowers for no reason at all. I am so thankful for my blessed life!

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Usher & August Alsina...

In DC! Joe & I were able to go to the show last week & even got to go backstage to meet Usher!!! He was incredibly nice! Not so sure about his hat...but then again...who am I to be talking with my pleather pants!? HAHA!

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Happy Belated Halloween!

From our Super Hero Family!
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Best DAD in the WORLD!

Joe had the day off yesterday. Instead of taking the day to relax, sleep, or do man things...he decided to have a Daddy/Son day! It started at Krispy Kreme & from there they headed to the Aquarium! A little beach action too! After naps they went to the Rec Center to swim. The boys talked non-stop about their special day when I got home from work. It totally melted my heart! I am thankful for Joe and I am thankful for my beautiful little boys. Check out some pics from their special day:
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Hunt Club Farm FUN!

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Saturday & headed to Hunt Club! The boys loved EVERY minute of it. The animals...bouncehouses...pumpkins...ALL of it! The hayride was a big hit too! Unfortunately Joseph ended up sick yesterday and so far hasn't been able to shake it...he's been camped out in our bed ever since! Hopefully he will start feeling better SOON!
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Dirty Dash!

Shaggy, Mrs. Shag, myself & some other people at the radio station did the Dirty Dash on Sunday! We had a lot of fun doing it...but I have to admit that I am in PAIN today! Lots of things to climb under, over, crawl through...and just get plain DIRTY! Here's the before picture:
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