BABY BRODY 7lbs 14 ounces and 21 length

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09/08/2009 11:12PM
BABY BRODY 7lbs 14 ounces and 21 length
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09/09/2009 6:04AM
omg he is so cute. he must get it from his justplaying he look like his crazy and wonderful father. i know yall is going to be some gud parents.. cant wait until he have a bro or sis to play
09/09/2009 6:07AM
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Being parents is the hardest job but it is the most rewarding job you will ever have. I know you guys will be great. He is so cute. Time for number two now. lol
09/09/2009 6:46AM
Congratulations!! He is absolutely amazing:-) Get ready for some of the best/worst/happiest/saddest/funniest and frusterating moments of your life!! My one piece of advice- always remember when you are really frusterated when doing something for the first time (i.e. changing a diaper, trying to be somewhere on time with the baby) that is the hardest that it will be. Each time you do it the task gets easier and easier and more like second nature. Oh and 1 more thing.... when you are changing his diaper, make sure you keep something over his privates... it'll save you many pee shots to the face, trust me I know:-) I go to Wave Church too, so I look forward to when you and Nikki return with your new little boy. God Bless you all.
09/09/2009 6:49AM
Brody is perfect!! Congrats to the both of you!!!
09/09/2009 6:59AM
He is beautiful! congratulations to both of you! Enjoy the journey....
09/09/2009 8:28AM
Congratulations! He's soooo cute! Reminds me so much of when I had my first son. I was in labor for 24 hours and when the doctor said - ok if he's not ready this time you're getting a c-section, he was ready! But he was 7 lbs 15.5 oz and 21.5 inches! (which by the way - he and his brother are big fans of Shaggy!) I'm so happy for you! The only advice I have for you is PATIENCE - from just hearing about you on the radio - I know you will be great parents - Brody is very lucky to have you both. Congratulations again!
09/09/2009 8:53AM
aww you guys! great job. lil brody is so handsome! enjoy him - they grow up fast! congratz to you both.
09/09/2009 9:08AM
Shaggy, he is gorgeous! Congratulations to both you guys.
09/09/2009 9:17AM
OMG SHAG! hes beautiful! congrats. i wish all of the best for you and nikki and baby brody!
09/09/2009 9:37AM
Brody is soooo precious. Just like Mom and Dad. Contrats to both of you and to Brody for having the coolest parents ever!!
09/09/2009 9:46AM
hes absolutely adorable!!! congrats you too!!
09/09/2009 9:48AM
hes absolutly adorable! congrats you two!!
09/09/2009 10:27AM
Absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations Nikki & Shaggy!! Enjoy every moment, they grow up SOO fast!! He is a very lucky little boy. My daughter was due Sept 12 but had hers on Sept 3. Keep us updated with photo's. Nikki you look great after what all you went through!!!!
09/09/2009 11:18AM
Congrats Shag!! Enjoy your new family. you guys are going to make wonderfull parents. And tell your wife she is the BOMB! 29 hours? i was ready to die after 10. tell her to gone head with her bad self lol. he is beautiful.
09/09/2009 11:29AM
Congrads!!!! I am so happy for you guys. I know you all had been trying for a while. It took my husband and I 8 yrs to get prego with our son ( who's name is Dallas by the way...and yes...Dad is a DIE HARD Cowboy fan). We are now expecting our second child in 2 weeks. He's handsome!!!! Have fun!!
09/09/2009 1:26PM
he is gorgeous. congrats and enjoy the baby years, they grow up too fast.
09/09/2009 1:27PM
he is gorgeous. enjoy the baby yearsthey grow up too fast. congrats
09/09/2009 1:28PM
hes gorgeous. congrats and enjoy it while it last. they grow up too fast
09/09/2009 2:03PM
Congrats on the Baby Brody, he's cute. Maybe once he gets older maybe we can have one of those play dates i got 16 month old twins right now. You got a lot to look forward to. Congrats again Man, you and Nikki did a great job.
09/09/2009 3:54PM
Emily K
congrats he is soooooo cute!!! i really like the pic of ur wife kissing his head!!! so sweet!
09/09/2009 9:32PM
Congrats to you & Nikki! Brody is so beautiful! My son is 6 & it still feels like it was yesterday that he was born. Enjoy every minute & take 'lots of pictures!
09/09/2009 11:04PM
Hey,may GOD bless you and your family,that is indeed a beautiful baby!!!!
09/09/2009 11:10PM
This birth of your son will take the both of you to a deeper level in your marriage. You are now a family. I would love to see your son dedicated at "Wave Church". Congradulations to the both of you. Love, Janie and Janice( we met at Mcdonalds on Bonny rd.)
09/10/2009 8:01AM
He is just the cutest thing. Congrats to both you and Nikki. Enjoy him while he's young. Before you know it he will be off to college. Trust me I'm going through that now.
09/10/2009 8:31AM
Daryl Ann
Congrats you guys! He's a handsome lil man. Just don't make him too crazy Shaggy! Haha! <3
09/10/2009 8:48AM
ray violet thompson
hope your wife and baby r fine he is cute children are a wonderful thing andi hope you r ready for the time of your life
09/11/2009 8:38AM
Nickie Butler
Hi Shaggy and Nikki, Congratulations!!! More importantly I wanted to say thank you for putting your faith out there- regardless of the church a Christian attends we are ALL believers and part of one body. Baby Brody is very, very blessed to have you as parents to raise him! What a wonderful gift from God for you both. God's Peace and grace on all of you, Nickie
09/11/2009 8:32PM
he is so cute congrats to you both
11/03/2009 4:43PM
I thought I always knew the love God had for me.......until I had my first child....I knew His love in a deeper way when this amazing miracle was handed to me to hold the first time. God Bless you both with your beautiful gift from God.
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