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Posts from June 2014

Shia Labeouf Handcuffed in "Cabaret"

Actor Shia Labeouf was arrested during a Broadway performance of “Cabaret” on Friday night. And no, it wasn’t part of the show.

He allegedly yelled at the actors, using obscenities, and even lit a cigarette at one point. When security guards and the police tried to remove him, he became aggressive and in colorful terms offered to rearrange their faces and more.

A passerby happened to snap a picture of Shia and some police officers outside the theater. Shia was booked and released later that night, and has to go to court late next month to answer the charges.

We’re getting whispers of a possible defense. He thought he was in a movie theater watching one of his own films. Pretty plausible reason to go a little whacko.

In the meantime, he'll be busy filming his new movie, Train Wreck, with his co-starts - Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan.
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Oliver Stone Would Be Soooooooo Proud!

As Futbol Fever takes over the US of A, not everyone is excited. Take Dr. Keith Ablow, a panelist on Fox News’s Outnumbered, for instance. He thinks that the World Cup is just a way to distract people from what's really going on in the world. “It’s like Rome. I can see why Obama would enjoy the World Cup…”

This on the heels of conservative columnist Ann Coulter’s manifesto on soccer last week. She thinks it’s all just a liberal conspiracy. “"In soccer, the blame is dispersed and almost no one scores anyway. There are no heroes, no losers, no accountability, and no child's fragile self-esteem is bruised.”

Oh, and she doesn’t like the fact that you can’t use your hands in soccer, as our opposable thumbs are “what sets man apart from the lesser beasts.” Having a soul also factors into that whole setting-man-apart scenario for Ann, which is interesting, since she seems to be missing hers.
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We celebrated Kevins 1st Birthday yesterday at the PETA Park in Norfolk! I loved it there! We had 5 of his brothers and sisters join the party as well as his Mama :) It's so nice that our closest friends ALL adopted a puppy from his liter :)  Yes there were doggy cupcakes, doggie bags, and party hats ;)

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Monday June 30

The "BET Awards" went down last night, and there were celebrations all weekend. There was also violence. There were two pre-parties over the weekend. At one of them a man was shot to death, and at another, a man was stabbed. BET didn't sanction either event. As for the show itself, Beyonce was the big winner, with four awards. "12 Years a Slave" swept the movie categories. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Tyga teamed up to perform "Loyal."  August Alsina won Best New Artist while "Happy" won for Best Video of the Year. Pharrell was there to accept the award and even performed with Missy Elliot.

Chris Brown has been the subject of rumors he is being courted to do his own reality show on BET. But he told the press Saturday, he's not interested. He has been in near-constant legal trouble since 2009 and has no interest in being followed constantly by more cameras. Meanwhile Ja Rule will have his family featured in a reality show called "Follow the Rules" that will air sometime next year.

Khloe Kardashian turned 30 on Friday, and there was plenty of celebrating. Khloe's boyfriend French Montana bought her a brand new $49,000 Jeep and $30,000 worth of jewelry. There was actually a party Thursday night, where Khloe got her cake. Here are some PICTURES of the CAKE, the NEW CAR and her and FRENCH!

Rick Ross has been released after his arrest following a North Carolina concert. Greensboro Police took Ross into custody Friday night after the SuperJam concert. A court had issued an order for his arrest because he failed to appear in court on a previous misdemeanor marijuana charge. He was taken into custody after his performance, but was released on $1,000 bond.

Just two weeks ago, Lifetime announced Zandaya would star as Aaliyah, who was just 22 when she was killed in a plane crash in 2001. But apparently, there were a number of issues involving the tentative film. Zendaya said
production-wise, it wasn't all the way there, it was too rushed. Not to mention Aaliyah's family has been clear about wanting a feature film for their daughter's story. They have plans to block Lifetime from acquiring any rights to the songs.
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Buzzfeed put together a list of the hardest "Would You Rather?" questions, and most of them don't make sense.  But here are nine of the best ones. Click HERE 

A Fleshlight Launchpad attachment allows "sex with iPad" .. WTF?! Check it out HERE

A Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma Is Contesting the Primary Results . . . Because He Says His Opponent Is a Body Double or a Robot? Check it out HERE 

BILL CLINTON'S incredible popularity has proved that Americans are pretty forgiving when it comes to a politician's perverted escapades.  24-year-old Jordan D. Haskins of Saginaw, Michigan is about to test the limits.. Check out what this guy did that ende him up in jail MULTIPLE TIMES HERE 

Facebook just keeps getting more and more evil.  We THOUGHT we'd reached a point where there was nothing shady they could do to surprise us . . . but somehow they've managed to top their own shadiness again. Check it out HERE 

There's a restaurant in Texas that's trying to take away the annoyance of tipping . . . and help charity in the process.  The restaurant pays its servers a good hourly wage, so they don't have to rely on tips . . . and if customers DO tip, the money is donated to charity. Get the full story HERE 
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Can You Go Overboard on a Kardashian Birthday!

Okay, it’s time for French Montana to knock it off. To celebrate Khloe Kardashian’s birthday over the weekend, he went a little wild with his credit card.

First, he got Khloe a Jeep. Which you would think would be enough.

Enough? For a Kardashian? Ha!

He also got her $30K worth of jewelry. Because the Jeep don’t mean a thing if Khloe don’t have the bling. Am I right?

I mean, the girl’s birthday party was on her yacht. And you just don’t show up to a birthday party on a yacht with a gift card from Applebee’s. Unless you want to leave the yacht on the water side.

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Jimmy Fallon's Random Lip Sync Challenge

VidCon 2014 was held over the weekend in Anaheim. It’s called the “world’s premier gathering of people who make online video,” so a lot of creative folks would be expected in attendance.

The folks at The Tonight Show set up a Random Lip Sync Challenge booth at the convention, giving folks the chance to lip sync – but the song selection wasn’t made until they were inside the booth.

These two guys ended up with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” when the wheel stopped spinning. Watch the video, and tell me: do you get the sense these guys have performed this one before?

Yeah, me too…

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Paul McCartney Remembers MJ While Katy Perry Sort of Doesn't Remember Paul

This is from a couple of weeks ago, but it’s a neat little video clip. Katy Perry and Paul McCartney (who ever thought they would ever share a couch?) were guests on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show.

Katy was trying to salute Paul, but she stumbled a little when she got to “… and the fact that you’re still here today…” Pretty funny the way it worked out.

And then Paul tells a great story about meeting and working with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and some interesting advice Paul gave him. Check it out…

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Attagirl, Amy Adams!

This is one of those rare feel-good stories, and it’s definitely worth sharing.

Actress Amy Adams – from American Hustle, Man of Steel, Trouble with the Curve and more – was flying to LA from Detroit last week when she quietly arranged with airline personnel to give her first-class seat to a US serviceman.

She tried to keep the exchange private, but of course, we all know that’s impossible these days. When the media found out, she said she didn’t do it to bring attention to herself – she did it bring attention to the troops.

Nicely played, Amy.

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Woodward, Bernstein & Parker?

There’s talk that Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker could be returning to television in a show about two investigative reporters who blow the lid off the biggest corruption scandal in Philadelphia’s history.

It’s based on a real-life story chronicled in Busted: A Tale of Corruption And Betrayal In The City of Brotherly Love. Talk is that the show will be produced by the same folks who produced HBO’s recent hit series, True Detective.

No, it won’t have Sarah’s character chasing down Mister Big. As far as we know…

And she won’t be getting any help from her husband, Inspector Gadget. (Sorry, Matthew Broderick, but we haven’t quite forgotten that one yet.)
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