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Joe Fu gets his Grandma to sing the Sean Paul part of Bailando!

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My weekend involved drag queens.....wanna see?

HEYYYYYY. I don't know how your weekend went, but mine was filled with drag queens. Lots and lots of drag queens. And one, specifically, who ate dollars out of my hooker boots. Haha, I made her work for it, or him, he/she, whatever. It was a friends birthday so we went to PF Changs at Town Center for dinner. I had never been before, it was pretty good. Then we decided to go out, but nobody could decide where. Well, I knew just the place. THE GAY BARRRRRRR. There's nothing more fun than going to a gay bar and watching the drag shows. These bi**ches WORK for that dollar. Plus the drinks are always stronger in gay bars, I don't know why, but that's besides the point lol. I posted a few pics from our crazy night below. Take a look. And peep out that red lipstick I'm rockin say WHAAAAT. 

^^^^^^^^ DON'T ASK LOL.
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Ok so when I get some time off one of my favorite things to do is BINGE watch a good show!  Here are some im watching now.  Let me know if you have any suggestions---

1- Ray Donovan
2- Walking Dead
3- Vikings
4- Newsroom
5- Boardwalk Empire
6- Pawn Stars
8-House of Cards
9-Orange is the New Black
10- Power (on STARZ)
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Love this SNL skit. Can never go wrong when joking the NFL.

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 I'm sure $160,000 can buy you a LOT of marijuana.  Or, if you're this guy, it can buy you a tiny, tiny bit of marijuana... what a DUMMY. Get the full story HERE 
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Tuesday September 30

Chris Brown shoved a woman out of his way at a club over the weekend after she tried to kiss him. In the video, Chris is seen walking through the crowd when a woman attempts to reach out for him. Breezy gives the woman a hard shove with his forearm, moving her out of the way. The clip is sparking a debate over whether Chris was too rough with the fan. Many say it's true that she invaded his space and initiated physical contact, but it's also true that Brown has a track record of violence and should be more careful. What do you think? WATCH IT HERE! Sorry, you'll have to crank your neck to watch it! 

There are a few new additions to the cast of "Magic Mike XXL" - it comes out next July. In fact if you've been watching "Live with Kelly and Michael" you might remember this: Michael Strahan told Kelly Ripa that when one of the stars of the movie joined them, he performed a little number and then he ended up writing him into the sequel. Other rumored cast include Elizabeth Banks, Donald Glover and Amber Heard. 

George Clooney
and Amal Alamuddin spent more than $4 million on their wedding weekend. About $3 million of that was for luxury hotel rooms. They also spent $380,000 for Amal's dress, $58,000 on booze and $250,000 on flowers. They did make it legal yesterday with a civil ceremony at the municipal building in Venice, Italy. Meanwhile, a source says the reason Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie didn't attend was because they couldn't take a break from shooting their new movie "By the Sea". It's their movie? Couldn't they take 24 hours off? Jet over there in their private plane?

Get ready to see a whole new side of Reese Witherspoon, because the Southern belle is shedding her sweet and sassy image. She is taking a risk, and pushing her acting limits, in the upcoming drama "Wild" based on Cheryl Strayed's memoir in which she chronicles her journey of self-discovery following the sudden death of her mother. The author had to show Reese how to shoot heroin on set, "I was like ‘Come on, people, haven't you guys ever done this?'" Cheryl said. Reese even brought in a hypnotist to help calm her nerves before shooting her sex scenes. 

Just when it was starting to look like Amanda Bynes had put her troubles behind her, she went and got a DUI in L.A. over the weekend. At about 3:00am Sunday morning, police saw Amanda try to stop for a red light too late, and end up in the middle of the intersection. After a series of field sobriety tests, police determined Amanda was under the influence of a controlled substance, but they didn't say what. One source claims it was some kind of stimulant, and that Amanda is back to smoking a ton of weed. She was taken into custody and released just before 1:00 P.M. on $15,000 bail. Amanda is still on probation from a 2012 DUI, so she could be in some trouble here.

It was all about the ladies last night on "Dancing With the Stars" as both Janel Parish and Mark Ballas AND Bethany Mota and Derek Hough earned not only the first 10's of the season, but perfect scores across the board. Kevin Hart was there to fill in for Len Goodman. But it was the boys in jeopardy last night. Jonathan Bennett and Randy Couture were in the bottom two and Randy was eliminated along with his partner Karina Smirnoff.
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Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Because it's always more fun to do a group themed costume. So with Halloween right around the corner, and the fact that you're desperately trying to figure out what you want to do, check out some of these awesome ideas. Number 10 is a bit random and strange though I gotta tell ya.....maybe avoid that one.
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Dirty Dash!

Shaggy, Mrs. Shag, myself & some other people at the radio station did the Dirty Dash on Sunday! We had a lot of fun doing it...but I have to admit that I am in PAIN today! Lots of things to climb under, over, crawl through...and just get plain DIRTY! Here's the before picture:
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Kid Dies twice and she doesnt even notice!

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 Kansas is in serious financial trouble.  Not the band . . . the STATE. They have a $200 million deficit.  And like so many innocent 18-year-old blondes from Kansas, they're desperate enough for cash that they're getting into PORN.Check out what they are auctioning off HERE 

The sexy Frozen costumes have arrived! Check them out HERE. There's even a sexy Olaf (The snowman!? )

Fans come up with some bizarre theories about their favorite movies.  And no matter how ridiculous some of them may be, they're still fun to think about. put together a list of 29 of them. Check them out HERE 

"Advertising Age" has released the prices for a 30-second ad during this season's primetime shows, and for the third year in a row, "Sunday Night Football" is the most expensive, averaging $627,300 per spot.Check out the other most expensive shows to buy ad time on this season HERE 

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